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Application Form

Application Form for Fairfield Golfers Club - 2023.

Name__________________________ Phone _______________

Street__________________________ City_____________________

Postal Code_________ E-Mail________________________________

When golfing, whenever possible, I prefer to:Walk___Ride___
This year I will play:the Forward tees___ the White tees___
I am interested in joining the Club executive in the future:Yes___No___

Year 2023 Membership Fee is $75.00. Please make your cheque payable
to Fairfield Golfers Club, and mail with this completed form to
Neil Jamison, 162 Ross Lane, Oakville, Ontario L6H 5J7.


Membership in Fairfield Golfers Club (herin "Fairfield") is conditional upon the applicant agreeing to the following, and by signing below indicates their acceptance and agreement.:

1. I will not hold Fairfield, its Directors, Officers and Committee Members liable for any theft, loss of property, any accident, injury, or death of or to members, their guests attending Club activities, whether arising as a result of negligence, breach of contract, strict liability or otherwise. Further at any event where a member of Fairfield executive is required to sign a golf cart waiver on behalf of all Fairfield members. it is understood and agreed, that any damage to a golf cart or golf course caused by the member or their guest, or injury occurring during the course of any Fairfield organized event, will be the responsibility of the member or their guest.

2. I consent to emergency medical treatment in the event of injury or illness during any Fairfield Golfers Club activity or event.

3. I agree to abide by the Constitution, rules, etiquette and spirit of Fairfield.

4. I confirm that I am fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and will maintain that status via booster shots, if recommended by the Ontario government, for the 2023 golf season.

Signature________________________ Date______________